We also stock fondue sets, chocolate fountains, mirror trays, platters, wine coolers, stages, podiums, lectures and much more.       

Braai Tongs
R 16.00
R 480.00
Bread Basket (Large)
R 45.00
Patio Heater
R 680.00
Bread Basket (Small)
R 8.00
Red Carpet
R 560.00
Cabinet Heater
R 450.00
Stage (2.48X1.23m)
Price on Request
Cake Lifter
R 13.00
Stage (2X1.2m)
Price on Request
Candle Holders Glass
R 6.50
Stage Frill 2m
R 50.00
Caribbean Umbrella
R 380,00
Vases (Spaghetti)
R 62.00
On request
Ice Tongs
R 13.00
Ceramic Platters 47x35.5cm
R 42.00
R 13.00
Chaffing Dish
R 130.00
Mirror Board (50cm)
R 85.00
Chaffing Fuel
R 12.00
Cheese Board
R 35.00
Mirror Tray (Oval)
R 140.00
Chocolate Fountain (Small)
R 260.00
Platters S/S
R 30.00
Fondue Fork
R 4.00
Plunger/Bodum Glass
R 42.00
Fondue Pot
R 100.00
Rectangular Trays S/S
R 30.00
Galvanised Bath
R 56.00
Salad Servers S/S
R 20.00
Ice Bucket S/S
R 42.00
Wine Cooler S/S
R 42.00
Soup Tureen
R 30.00
R 110.00
Cupcake Stand
Wine Opener
R 13.00
Cake Stands
R 48.00
  Chinese Bowl
Cake Stand (3 Tier )
R 150.00
Waiter Tray (non slip)
R 42.00
Under/Base Plate
R 16.00
Tea Pot S/S
R 30.00
Utility Tongs S/S
R 13.00
Bread knife
R 15.00
Bain Marie
(3 Division)
Carvery Unit (Copper)
R 700.00
Extention Cord
See larger image
R 85.00
Beer Fest Benches

See larger image

Note that the table and bench are hired separetely.
R 60.00
Gas Stove 4 Plate
R 1050.00
Chinese spoons

See larger Image
Beerfest Tables
R 70.00
Dance Floor
On Req
Caribbean Umbrella
R 380.00
Picnic Blanket
R 48.00
Salad Bowl Glass (Small)
R 23.00
Champagne Bowl
R 160.00
Salad Bowl Glass (Largel)
R 28.00
Water Jug Glass
R 16.00
Coffee Pot S/S
R 30.00
Rubbish Bin
R 88.00
Cooking Pots
R 88.00
Wine Opener
R 12.00
Hot Tray
R 95.00
Ice Bucket Glass
R 42.00
Filter Coffee machine (two jug)
R 39.00
Pump Pots/Flasks
R 110.00
Filter Coffee Paper
R 3.00
Price on Request
Hay Bales
R 38.00
R 15.00